VRChat/cluster compatible avatar "Anita-san".
Feel free to use it for VRChat, cluster, video material, and embedding in games.

- readme.txt
  General description
- unity.txt
  Description of Unity Package
- blender.txt
  Description of blender file contents
- blender file (for Ver2.83)
  Normal/light weight, with bare body
- FBX file and texture image
- Unity Package
  Set up for VRChat
  * Avatars 3.0 support
  * Oculus Quest compatible version is also included.
  * Unity-chan toon shader 2.0 is set, but it is not included in Package
  * Dynamic Bone has been set, but it is not included in Package.
   Separate purchase of Dynamic Bone is required to use
- VRM file
  cluster support
- PSD file such as images for textures and shaders
- PSD file for Avatars 3.0 icon

- Supports lip sync
- Eye tracking support
- Full tracking support
- Normal version 40393 polygons (54421 if all elements are included)
- Light version 9957 polygons (13239 if all elements are included)
- BlendShape 35 species (6 for eye tracking, 15 Viseme, 6 eyes, 4 mouth, 2 eyebrows, 2 gimmicks)
- Avatars 3.0 support
  Switch between 7 different expressions
  2 gimmicks
   hat on/off
   bag on/off
- Support for Quest
  * YOU WILL NEED A PC to upload your Quest avatar.
  * Avatar Performance Rank is Poor.