In recent years, I have been working mainly as a 3D environment modeler in the Metaverse area.
I have quite a wide range of skills, as I dabble in anything that looks interesting without restraint.

Mainly use Unity and Blender. I create various contents such as games, VR contents, 3D models, 3D avatars, cluster world, videos, text articles, etc.

[Currently available work]
3D model production
  World environment model for Metaverse, exhibition booths, etc.
  I can produce a wide range of models, including buildings,
  small objects, food, and people.
  I can quickly create high-quality, "light-load" models.

3D environment construction in Unity
  I can create worlds for the Metaverse.
  I can handle a full range of tasks
  including shaders, scripting, particle production,
  lighting coordination, and offloading.

[Software I can use]
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
Davinci Resolve

Jul 2024 : Virtual Market 2024 summer
  - "Parareal-Yokohama" World Modeler
  - "Parareal-Osaka" 3D Prop Modeler
Dec 2023 : Virtual Market 2023 winter
  - "Parareal-Okinawa" World Modeler
Jul 2023 : Virtual Market 2023 summer
  - "Parareal-Fukuoka" World Modeler
Dec 2022 : Virtual Market 2022 winter
  - "Parareal-Sapporo" World Modeler
Aug 2022 : Virtual Market 2022 summer
  - "Parareal-Osaka" World Modeler
Dec 2021 : Virtual Market 2021
  - "Parareal-Shibuya" World Modeler
  - 3D Prop Modeler
Nov 2021 : Music Vket 3
  - World Modeler
Aug 2020 : Virtual Market 6
  - "Daimaru-Matsuzakaya Booth" 3D Modeler
  - "DECAGEAR Booth" 3D Modeler
  - "Virtual Survival Game Room" 3D Prop Modeler
Dec 2020 : Virtual Market 5
  - "Godzilla Booth" 3D Modeler

Worked as a web-related system engineer for about 10 years.
  Responsible for server administration, system design,
  development, and maintenance.
After that, working as a sole proprietor until now.
  Video production, 3D modeling, 3D avatar production,
  game production, etc.

For inquiries and requests, please use this form.

Mekami Mimasaka

I'm a virtual maid and android YouTuber living in a virtual world.

I'm doing a video about cooking and technology.
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