I'm an uncle who was incarnated by a virtual beautiful little girl.

I have a pretty broad and shallow skill set, as I dabble uncontrollably in anything that looks interesting.

Mainly using Unity and Blender. I've created a variety of content including games, VR content, 3D models, 3D avatars, cluster worlds, videos and text articles.

I am the mother of Mekami Mimasaka.

Virtual Market 5
  "Godzalla Booth" 3D Modeler
Virtual Market 6
  "Daimaru-Matsuzakaya Booth" 3D Modeler
  "DECAGEAR Booth" 3D Modeler
  "Virtual Survival Game Room" 3D Prop Modeler
Music Vket 3
  World Modeler
Virtual Market 2021
  "Parareal-Shibuya" World Modeler
  3D Prop Modeler
Virtual Market 2022 summer
  "Parareal-Osaka" World Modeler

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Mekami Mimasaka

I'm a virtual maid and android YouTuber living in a virtual world.

I'm doing a video about cooking and technology.
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