VRChat compatible avatar "Misaka-san".
Feel free to use it for VRChat, video material, and embedding in games.

General description
Description of Unity Package
Description of blender file contents
blender file (for Ver2.8.0)
One piece model
T-shirt model
Clothes + body model
FBX file and texture image
Unity Package
Set up for VRChat
* Avatars 3.0 support
* Oculus Quest compatible version is also included.
* Unity-chan toon shader 2.0 is set, but it is not included in Package
* Dynamic Bone has been set, but it is not included in Package.
Separate purchase of Dynamic Bone is required to use
VRM file
PSD file such as images for textures and shaders
PSD file for Avatar3.0 icon

- Supports lip sync
- Eye tracking support
- Full tracking support
- 45900 polygon (body 31719, clothes 14181)
- BlendShape 37 species (6 for eye tracking, 15 Viseme, 6 eyes, 4 mouth, 2 eyebrows, 4 gimmicks)
- Avatar 3.0 support
Switch between 7 different expressions
4 gimmicks
beret on/off
glasses on/off
satchel(school bag) on/off
seculity buzzer
- Support for Quest
* YOU WILL NEED A PC to upload your Quest avatar.
* Avatar Performance Rank is Poor.
* The seculity buzzer cannot make a sound.